Monday, August 10, 2009

Wolves Finally Tap Rambis

The Timberwolves finally have a new coach, and it's LA Lakers assistant Kurt Rambis. The deal is set to be announced this week, but it's believed he received a 4-year, $8M contract to coach the Wolves.

The Jerry Zgoda article explains that new Wolves' basketball ops head David "The Meerkat" Kahn wants to play more up-tempo ball, and Rambis's track record with the Lakers demonstrates that philosophy. Don't look for the triangle offense to be employed in Minny, but the Wolves will be much more of an up-and-down team with the new coach.

The naming of Rambis doesn't excite me like signing Ricky Rubio does, but it finally puts the coaching question to rest. It's refreshing that the team elected to go after Rambis instead of a coaching novice like Mark Jackson or an NBA retread like Terry Stotts. The Wolves will struggle mightily this season, but there is hope for the future with the young talent. Having Rambis on the bench for all four years of his contract, plus many more, will only help the development of an emerging team.

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