Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brewster's Name Surfaces For Kansas Job

The University of Kansas fired (I mean, accepted the resignation of) football coach Mark Mangino last week and is the case with all openings, the rumor mill is churning with names of potential successors.

Buffalo coach Turner Gill has reportedly interviewed for the job. The former Nebraska star QB is 20-30 in four seasons with Buffalo. Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt pulled his name from consideration Tuesday.

However, a new name surfaced Tuesday: Gopher football coach Tim Brewster. Brew has spent three seasons in Minny, leading the Gophers to a 14-23 record and two-consecutive bowl appearances. With two years remaining on his contract, reportedly at $1M a season, Brewster's future in Minnesota is very uncertain. He was an assistant at Texas before leaving for the NFL, and has a reputation within the Big XII as a solid recruiter from his time at Texas.

However, he is a candidate for the Kansas job, although KU athletics director Lew Perkins has not formally asked for permission to interview Brewster from Minnesota AD Joel Maturi. Still, in the Kansas City Star piece linked above, Maturi certainly made no pronouncements that he would prevent Brewster from being interviewed.

Of course he wouldn't. If Brewster leaves for another job, Maturi will not have to weigh whether or not to fire Brewster after the season. If he bows to public pressure - like he did when dismissing Glen Mason three seasons ago - and fires Brewster now, he'll be forced to pay a buyout and then justify his hiring of Brew in the first place with a skeptical public. However, if Brewster leaves on his own terms, the buyout won't apply, Maturi has cover for the hiring ("Look, he was a Big XII guy at heart and left to coach in a conference in which he was familiar."), and can save face with the media.

The Kansas job is no better than Minnesota. KU may pay its football coach more money, but the stadium is worse than Minnesota's, and it's a school ruled by the basketball program. The only appealing thing about KU is the lack of constant media pressure. Lawrence is 30 miles or so from Kansas City, and there is somewhat of an isolation from the fever swamp. There is pressure to win at KU, but most folks there are more concerned about by how many games KU hoops will win the Big XII title this season. If Brewster is looking for a break from the media pressure here in Minnesota, then Kansas is for him. If he is looking to win next season, he should stay in Minnesota.

Joel Maturi is certainly hoping for the former.

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  1. No program in their right mind would consider Brewster as a viable candidate at this point. Clearly this is just a rumor and there is no truth to it.

    Maturi's comments can't sit well with Brewster however... clearly he would be ecstatic if Brewster were to leave. Maturi knows he took a chance on Brewster and sees this hire as a failure. If Maturi wants him out so bad, just cut bait now... his lack of support can't help recruiting (see two recruits rescinding this week).

    I'm sure it all comes down to not wanting to pay a buy-out. Grow some seeds Maturi!