Friday, October 16, 2009

Update: Weather Will Affect Gophers/Penn State

Here's a picture of Penn State's Beaver Stadium from Friday evening. Six inches of snow have fallen in Happy Valley, with another six inches expected to fall overnight. By gametime, there will be a rain/snow mix.

Sounds like good running game weather, no?

Check back here Sunday for a recap of this game. Monday will feature a recap of the Gophers/North Dakota hockey series.

Have a good weekend.


  1. You should check your facts. This past decade, PSU has been under-ranked at the start of the season except for this year. JoPa actually does get involved in the game plan and yes he lets his assistants coach.

  2. Tony - Thanks for the comment. It's nice when a head coach is involved in game-planning situations. After all, one would think most head coaches actually manage this process. The under-ranking at the start of the season is secondary to the over-ranking which occurs during the season, only to witness another PSU fall. Give PSU credit - they are solid year after year, and have won 3 of 4 bowl games. My point is that Paterno has the pick of the litter in western Pennsylvania and Ohio, and still cannot find a way to get it done in the Big Ten. As a Gopher fans, we'd be envious of this situation. However, his time has passed.