Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Change in Direction

I wrote about 2 weeks ago that I joined the Examiner.com site as a Minnesota Sports Examiner, which was basically a columnist for all things related to Minnesota sports. I'm pleased to report that I have moved within that organization to covering the Twins full-time and will continue to provide game stories at my Examiner site.

What that means for Donny Puck is that I will provide the bulk of my Twins content on Examiner - at least short-term - and will write primarily about Gopher football, basketball, and hockey on DP. I will still do some minor league, divisional, and miscellaneous Twins stuff here occasionally, but will defer to Aaron and Seth for much of the in-depth analysis.

Please do check back here often, as I plan to write 3-5 times a week during the Gophers' off-seasons about topics which sort of relate to them (the NBA Draft, NHL Draft, NHL free agency, etc.), as well as other off-season news from those programs. I'll also do some T-Wolves analysis periodically, as well as some more expository Twins stuff.

Thanks for reading, and please check out my Examiner page daily.

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