Wednesday, May 20, 2009

God Hates the Timberwolves

Despite having the fifth-best chance of scoring the top pick in Tuesday's NBA Draft Lottery, the Timberwolves actually dropped one spot and will draft sixth next month. The Los Angeles Clippers moved up two spots and won the lottery, which is now the "Blake Griffin Sweepstakes." The Wolves "won" the opportunity to get more ping-pong balls than Memphis, despite the two teams having the same record. However, Memphis moved up to #2 and the Wolves dropped down.

As badly as the Wolves feel, think of Sacramento and Washington. The Kings finished with the league's worst record last season and the Wizards the second-worst, and they dropped to fourth and fifth, respectively.

The Star Tribune's Jerry Zgoda has an interesting blog entry about what the T-Wolves should do with the pick.

Remember, the Wolves have three first-round picks this year - #6, 18, and 28.

I think they should find a way to trade up to draft Ricky Rubio, but that doesn't seem like a possibility, given that there are teams ahead of them who desperately need point guards (Memphis at #2, Oklahoma City at #3, and Sacramento #4 all could use him), and the Wolves have little to trade - except Al Jefferson, whom they should not trade.

Here's's Chad Ford's first mock draft with the new order. One word - Ouch! (Especially with B.J. Mullens with the 18th pick).

This is just one episode in the long-standing drama which is the Timberwolves' performance in the Draft Lottery. Tuesday's appearance was the team's 13th, and they've never moved up.

Final thought, this was the Clippers' 20th appearance in the Lottery. There have been 25 Draft Lotteries. How is that possible? Also, they've picked first-overall on two occasions, picking Danny Manning in 1998 and Michael Olowokandi in 1998. I've always secretly aspired to own the LA Clippers one day - seriously. Go Clips!

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