Thursday, May 21, 2009

New T-Wolves Basketball Operations Chief..... not Donald T. Sterling, but David Kahn, former Indiana Pacers GM. Of course, that was as recently as 2002, and a few things have changed since. Of course, for a cursed franchise, it only seems right that three others had turned down the job before Kahn was hired.

Kahn may turn out to be wonderful, but it seems they should have been able to garner someone with a little more recent experience. At first blush, I would have rather the team hired Bill Simmons instead.

Totally un-related to David Kahn, but I just got done reading a great profile of LA Clippers' owner and total lout Donald T. Sterling (pictured above) in ESPN The Magazine. After reading this, decide for yourself if I should be the one who rescues this team from "The Donald!" Henry Abbott has a great follow-up to The Magazine story.

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